The mission of our Green Initiatives Program is to provide employees and tenants with information and opportunities to create a culture of conservation. Our goals are to conserve and protect natural resources for future generations and to protect human health through environmental stewardship.

Energy Efficiency
When we update fixtures and appliances, we are sure to install ones that are energy star rated. We continue to convert light fixtures to LED fixtures or use LED, CFL or florescent bulbs. We routinely change furnace filters, clean appliances and use other preventative practices to extend the life of our appliances and ensure that they are functioning to their capacity.

Chemical-Free Lawn Care
We do not use any chemicals on our residential lawns for weed control or lawn support. We pull weeds the old fashioned way! In some cases, we have used alternative weed and pest control practices using blends of vinegar, dish soap and essential oils. In cases where large areas of vegetation needed to be extinguished, we have practiced the technique of layering cardboard to kill the growth. (In cases where poison ivy is out of control and threatens the health of the person working or living near the poison ivy we might spray, but always try to treat the area by hand first.)

Wildlife Habitats
Currently we manage 3 properties that are registered and certified wildlife habitats. In those instances and others which may not be certified, we have reduced the grass on the property lowering the amount of lawn care (mowing). In its place, we have planted native plants that require less care than some other exotic plants and plants that support local wildlife.

We work with local haulers to provide recycling for our tenants. During the year, and especially during turnover, our maintenance team works diligently to keep waste out of the landfill by recycling electronics, metal, paint, florescent bulbs and other items that might find their way into the landfill. We work closely with local social service agencies like St. Vincent DePaul, The Habitat ReStore, Hoosier to Hoosier (H2H), The Hoosier Hills Food Bank and The Opportunity House to make sure that when tenants move out, any items left behind find a new home or use and don’t get thrown in to the landfill.

One of the most sustainable changes impacting our footprint has been to reduce the amount of carpeted areas in our units by over 50%, installing hard surfaces instead. This has lead to a reduction in carpet shampooing and a massive reduction in soiled/destroyed carpet finding its way into the landfill.

All Things Local
We believe in the local economy and love the local businesses that make up our community. We work diligently to try to spend our money locally whether it is for holiday gifts for our tenants or lunch for the office. We support local theater by giving away tickets, local music by purchasing CD’s as gifts and local food by giving away gift cards to our local co-op grocery and restaurants! While it isn’t always possible to buy locally, when there is a choice, we do!

Location, Location, Location
We feel that the location of our properties speak for themselves. Located near campus, shopping, dining and entertainment it is easy to walk or ride to your destination, thus making it possible to live car free!