“Thank you Olympus! You’ve been most helpful. This is my first experience with a property leasing company, and it’s been a very positive one.” – Margaret M.

“Great leasing company. One of the best IU (Bloomington) has to offer!” – Madison P.

“Thank you and everyone at Olympus for a wonderful year. Olympus is the 4th property management service that I have worked with, and Olympus has been the best by far.” – Claire L.

“Olympus is incredibly friendly and helpful. Anytime I have an issue it has been resolved quickly and effectively.” – Megan M.

“Olympus is prompt and gives us amazing and courteous service.” – Lyndsey G.

“It’s great value! Maintenance has been snappy and wonderful.” – Carmen B.

“Your maintenance person was marvelous!” – James G.

“I love the fact that maintenance issues are solved/fixed usually within 48 hours! It shows that you care and are really organized and on top of things!” – Meghan W.

“I LOVE not having to depend on transportation to get to class. I am a 10 minute walk from anywhere! Perfect!” – Jenny L.

“The Mercury has very convenient parking, good location for school and night life!” – Marie B.

“I love the Gentry Building! It is downtown and close to everything!” – Ali L.