Whether you’re a student looking for the perfect digs close to the Indiana University campus, a professional aiming for a downtown location, or anyone else hoping for a dream setup in Bloomington or its vicinity, Olympus Properties can make it happen!

Both residential and commercial prospective tenants will find a fabulous diversity of properties in the Olympus inventory—from grand historic buildings to chic modern condos. Each and every property we oversee with the same exacting attention to detail, a dedication we think you’ll clearly see when you view one of our holdings.

Every single aspect of the renting process—from checking out a promising-looking property to paying your rent and renewing your lease—is made breathtakingly easy with the Olympus Properties system. We take “efficiency” to the next level.

If you’re seeking a furnished home, we’ll connect you with excellent deals on furniture. In other words, we’re a full-service property-rental company!

Give Olympus Properties the opportunity to situate you in a perfectly situated, wonderfully maintained home or business site!