Welcome to Olympus Properties! Your move in date is fast approaching. This page provides important information regarding your move in.

Day Lease Begins

Couple having a take away pizza for lunch while they are unpacking boxes at the new home.On the day your lease begins, you can pick up your keys and sign your move in forms between 1pm – 5pm at the Olympus Office. Keys will not be issued before 1pm on the day of your move in, unless you scheduled an appointment to pick up your keys early. If you are unable to pick up your keys on your move in date, you may pick up your keys at a later date, Monday – Friday between 9 am – 5 pm. Keys will only be handed out during regular business hours.

If you are moving to a downtown property and have a moving truck that will not fit into metered parking, contact the City of Bloomington Parking Services at 812.349.3573 to find out your parking options.

Before Moving In

All balances due must be paid prior to your scheduled move in. To check your balance, log in to the Tenant Portal on the Olympus website under Tenants. If you have not set up access to the Tenant Portal, refer to the “Welcome to Olympus” email sent to you after you signed your lease.

If you have roommates, touch base with all of them to ensure everyone is aware of the move in date and time and if there is a balance due. No keys will be issued to any residents if there is a balance due on the ledger.

Utilities & Other Services:
Per your lease agreement, you will need to place the appropriate utilities in your name before your move in date. Refer to your lease to see which companies you are responsible for setting up. Here is a list of companies. They will need to know your full address and move in date. Please CALL at least 2 weeks before your move in date to activate your utilities. You cannot set up your utilities online. You must call and request a Landlord to Resident transfer of service.

Change of Address:
Remember to notify the post office of your new address.

Click on the links below for more information.

After Moving In

Rent Payment Due Date:
Your monthly rental installment is due on the first of every month with a $15 late charge being assessed on the 2nd and $2 per day for every day thereafter.

Rent Payment Options:
Rent is accepted in the forms listed below. Cash is not accepted.

  • Check or Money Order: If you are paying by check or money order, please be sure to note your apartment address on your rental payment to ensure it gets applied to the proper account.

Please mail payments to:

Olympus Properties

2620 North Walnut Street

Suite 1000

Bloomington, Indiana 47404

  • Online Payment: You can make online payments using our Tenant Portal feature.  Simply go to the Tenants heading above and click on Tenant Portal.  Payments directly from your checking or savings account are free!  Payments via credit or debit card are subject to an online payment fee.

Thank you for choosing Olympus Properties for your new home. We hope you will enjoy your experience. If you require more information about your move in, please contact our office.