Young man moving into a new apartment. More files of this series on port. Made with professional make up and styling.We hope you enjoyed your experience with Olympus Properties and will refer your friends to our community. We are providing the information below to help simplify your move. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

If you will not be present for the move out inspection, please remember to:

  • Return your keys during business hours.
  • Submit a forwarding address to our office.

Early Move Out Option

If you need to vacate early, you may do so by following these guidelines.

  • Complete the Early Move Out Option form and return to our office.
  • Pay all rent and charges in full through the end of the lease term.
  • Schedule a move out inspection with leasing.
  • Return all keys and parking permits upon your departure.
  • Transfer utilities back into Olympus’ name once the move out inspection has been completed.

There are some terrific benefits to this Early Move Out Option, including a quicker return of your security deposit and no more utility bills! Once we receive your completed form, our office will send you notification of the revised move out date and time of your inspection.

Security Deposit

The processing of your security deposit return begins the day we collect your keys and take possession. Remember, your security deposit is subject to deductions for reasonable charges, as set forth in your lease agreement, and will be mailed within 45 days of your move out inspection.

Preparing For Your Move Out

Our goal is to provide you with useful information and guidelines to maximize your security deposit refund and make your move out run as smoothly as possible. We encourage you to start early on this process.

The following list consists of, but is not limited to, items that could be billable to you once you have left your property.

  • Cleaning Expenses
  • Painting Expenses (Nail holes, sticky tape residue, torn drywall paper)
  • Carpet cleaning, repairs, or replacement
  • Broken or damaged fixtures (lights, cabinets, smoke detectors)
  • Burned out light bulbs
  • Damaged doors, locks, hardware
  • Missing or damaged screens
  • Damaged mini-blinds
  • Missing or used fire extinguisher
  • Unreturned keys
  • Furniture, other items or trash left behind

Following are key things to focus on prior to your move out inspection.


Cleaning expenses range from $100-$800 per unit. The average price for a two bedroom unit is around $250. Begin cleaning early or hire a professional cleaner. If hiring a professional, we recommend the following cleaning companies:

  • Freedom Painting & Wallcovering: 765.318.0876
  • Tonya’s Touch: 812.336.6915
  • A Touch of Paradise: 317.260.6242

Whether you choose to have your apartment professionally cleaned or clean it yourself, use the Olympus Cleaning Checklist and make sure the work was completed properly. If you use a professional cleaner, submit a copy of your invoice to our office.


Do not paint or repair drywall. In the past, many residents have spent time and money repairing holes and painting. Repairs could be poorly done and/or paint colors not match. Olympus would have to repaint and/or repair a wall or entire room at the expense of the resident. In order to avoid this surprise, do not attempt to do your own drywall repair or painting. To limit expense we try to fix a repair without painting the entire wall. In some cases, painting an entire wall or room is unavoidable depending on how large the damage is. If you have concerns about drywall or paint damage, call the office.


Call in major repairs early. Don’t wait until your move out to let Olympus know of major repairs. If the repair is billable to you, we can repair it and give you an invoice. In some instances, the invoice may help you recoup the cost if the damage was caused by a guest.

Trash & Donations

Properly dispose of trash and consider donating items no longer needed. It is your responsibility to make sure that all of your belongings are removed from your rental unit and discarded properly. Trash must be bagged and deposited in the appropriate trash receptacles in your community. Leaving unwanted items in your unit, hallways, trash rooms, by dumpsters or on your lawn may result in removal fees.

We hope you will consider donating any useful items that another family could use. Every year we are overwhelmed by the amount of furniture, clothes, bikes and unopened food left behind for waste. Our community has many volunteer based, not-for-profit organizations dedicated to capturing and re-using gently used items. In many cases, these organizations will come to your door to retrieve these and other items. Check out Donation Information to find out how to donate gently used items.


Transfer your utilities back into Olympus’ name. Please call your utility companies about a week prior to your move out inspection and ask them to transfer the utilities back to Olympus Properties on your move out date. You must CALL to make this Resident to Landlord transfer of service request. Online requests will shut off the service completely. Check the Utilities and Other Services information sheet for more detail.

We want the move out process to go smoothly for both you and our employees. If you have any questions, please contact us at 812.334.8200. We will be happy to assist you.

Thank you again for making your home with Olympus Properties. We have enjoyed your residency and wish you the very best!

For your convenience we have provided links to all of the above information as PDFs.